NCTE Required Documents and Formats

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1 Public Notice View/Download
Student Details
1 Session 2016 - 2018  View/Download
2 Session 2017 - 2019 View/Download
3 Session 2018 - 2020 View/Download
Staff Details
1 Details of Teaching and Non Teachings View/Download
2 Details of Newly or revised Appointed Faculty View/Download
Details of infrasructural and Institutional Facility
1 Details of Infrastructural and Institutional Facility View/Download
2 Building Plan (Old) View/Download
3 Building Plans (New) View/Download
4 Building Completion Certificate View/Download
Management Details
1 Details of the Management of the Institution View/Download
Latest Contact Number and Affidavit Related with Institution.
1 Contact Details of the Institution View/Download
2 FDRs View/Download
3 Affiliation Certificate (WBUTTEPA) of the Institution View/Download
4 Latest NCTE Recognition Order View/Download
5 NAAC Accredited Certificate View/Download
6 All India Survey Certificate View/Download
7 NCTE New Format View/Download
8 Affidavit of the Institution View/Download
9 Dr. S. P. Shrestha (Principal) Affidavit View/Download
10 J.A Sarkar (Associate Prof.) Affidavit View/Download
11 P.L. Sherpa (Shrestha) (Librarian) Affidavit View/Download
12 Lochan Thapa (Asstt. Prof.) Affidavit View/Download
13 Sribarna Mondal (Asstt. Prof) Affidavit View/Download
14 Anand Das (Asstt. Prof) Affidavit View/Download
15 Khiran Suba (Asstt. Prof) Affidavit View/Download
16 Khiran Suba (Asstt. Prof) Affidavit View/Download
17 Mousumi Sarkar (Asstt. Prof) Affidavit View/Download
1 List of 10 Schools Name preferably MoUs for Internship and School Based Activities Duly Approved by District Education Officer. View/Download